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About Us

Welcome to our site we are a small business dedicated in making and selling only the best products at the lowest price possible, we have been designing and printing for five years and have built up quite a few very happy customers who come back for more, they recommend their friends and business contacts, so we must be doing something right. Feel free to browse the site, buy your blank garments from us either for printing or just to wear as they are, we offer a full print and design service this is accessed by contacting us directly either by phone or by email if you wish for us to print  for you do this before you make your purchase.  check out our facebook page for reviews and daily updates.....

Some keyfacts

  1. We sell our garments blank with the option to have them printed at an extra cost
  2. We offer a full Printing service to any garment we sell for any occassion or business
  3. We offer big discounts for bulk buyers/ Trade Buyers of 5 items and more
  4. You can send a gift voucher to anybody you like for any occassions, this voucher can only be used on this site to purchase any item to the value of the voucher, once you purchase the voucher and entered the details the person it is for will be emailed directly
  5. We run an Affliate programe where members can earn discountDesigning your art work is free if you ar points for any sales they generate from links they have placed on their sites
  6. Designing your art work is free  if you are using us to do the printing for you
  7. Bulk Buyers, this as huge discounts and for those buying in bulk for a one of occassion
  8. Trade Account, this is for those who are in the trade and come back regular, this as huge discounts, bigger than Bulk Buyers, 

We are always here to help, in design and print idea's, we hope you find what your looking for and if you dont then please do get in touch with us we're always happy to help, thanks

Check back regular as we will be adding more and nore items as we move forward with our catalogue, and people keep adding new idea's for T-shirts.....